IIS W3C Extended Logging Field Definitions



Appears As Description
Date date The date that the activity occurred.
Time time The time that the activity occurred.
Client IP Address c-ip The IP address of the client that accessed your server.
User Name cs-username The name of the authenticated user who accessed your server. This does not include anonymous users, who are represented by a hyphen (-).
Service Name s-sitename The Internet service and instance number that was accessed by a client.
Server Name s-computername The name of the server on which the log entry was generated.
Server IP Address s-ip The IP address of the server on which the log entry was generated.
Server Port s-port The port number the client is connected to.
Method cs-method The action the client was trying to perform (for example, a GET method).
URI Stem cs-uri-stem The resource accessed; for example, Default.htm.
URI Query cs-uri-query The query, if any, the client was trying to perform.
Protocol Status sc-status The status of the action, in HTTP or FTP terms.
Win32® Status sc-win32-status The status of the action, in terms used by Microsoft Windows®.
Bytes Sent sc-bytes The number of bytes sent by the server.
Bytes Received cs-bytes The number of bytes received by the server.
Time Taken time-taken The duration of time, in milliseconds, that the action consumed.
Protocol Version cs-version The protocol (HTTP, FTP) version used by the client. For HTTP this will be either HTTP 1.0 or HTTP 1.1.
Host cs-host Displays the content of the host header.
User Agent cs(User-Agent) The browser used on the client.
Cookie cs(Cookie) The content of the cookie sent or received, if any.
Referrer cs(Referer) The previous site visited by the user. This site provided a link to the current site.


Prefix Meaning
Server actions.
Client actions.
Client-to-server actions.
Server-to-client actions.

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